Every decision a Fire Chief makes is temporary.

The next Mayor, City Manager or Chief can change them.

Whether it is about policy, procedure, personnel, tactics, strategy, or the budget, none of the Chief’s decisions are permanent; except one.

Decisions made about the design and functionality of a firehouse are permanent. You only get one chance on this one.

You need to get it right.


2004 - Major Remodel

Added approximately 450 square feet

two story, 2.5 bays, two company + BC

Built in 1971 - received $1M remodel

Active entire time

Required 60 foot trailer for temp kitchen, dining & day rooms

Gutted undersized kitchen, dining room & dayroom

New square footage to Dining room & Day room

Epoxy floor in kitchen & dining room

New Electrical room

Expanded Captain’s office internally

Sound proofed BC bedroom

New roof mounted HVAC created internal space

Asphalt driveway & parking lot replaced with concrete

Generator sized for entire building under load

Created exercise room out of existing space

Firehouse 13