Every decision a Fire Chief makes is temporary.

The next Mayor, City Manager or Chief can change them.

Whether it is about policy, procedure, personnel, tactics, strategy, or the budget, none of the Chief’s decisions are permanent; except one.

Decisions made about the design and functionality of a firehouse are permanent. You only get one chance on this one.

You need to get it right.

When the concrete trucks show up, it's too late.

Program Highlights

The list below is what we needed and what worked for us. Your standards may, obviously, be different.

I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to ask the right questions to understand your standards.

polished concrete floors

commercial refrigeration

stainless steel counter tops


tailpipe diesel exhaust

14 x 14 app bay doors

infrared gas heat in app bay

Red/Green lights in App Bay tied to overhead doors


all passage doors swing towards app bay

path of travel lighting from bedrooms to app bay


two beds in every bedroom

built in desk in each bedroom

all lockers accessible from hall & bedroom

all bedrooms have individually zoned HVAC

one spare bedroom beyond current staffing levels

fourth locker in every bedroom for relief personnel use

individual bedrooms with en suite bathrooms for privacy compliance

dedicated paramedic storage

decon room with sink & shower

exercise room with private patio

separate offices for crew & officers

natural & power vented turnout room

spare turnout lockers for relief personnel

dedicated Communication Room for all electronics


transient haz-mat storage

empty 4” conduit under driveways

low water, low maintenance landscaping

yard maintenance storage with exterior access

spare weather headed conduit masts through roof

free standing mast for all communication antennae

fiber mesh concrete curb cuts, driveways & parking lot

generator designed to run entire building under full load

generator & fuel tank are cross connected to extend run time

pre-planned maintenance item;

a sanitary sewer clean out in the parking lot for a temporary trailer during future plumbing repairs

numerous small but significant items