Every decision a Fire Chief makes is temporary.

The next Mayor, City Manager or Chief can change them.

Whether it is about policy, procedure, personnel, tactics, strategy, or the budget, none of the Chief’s decisions are permanent; except one.

Decisions made about the design and functionality of a firehouse are permanent. You only get one chance on this one.

You need to get it right.

When the concrete trucks show up, it's too late.

Services for Architects

IF you've never designed a fire station before,

IF you are competing against more experienced architects,

IF your last fire station project suffered from too many site supervisors,

IF your last fire station had a major CO outside of your control,

If you want your RFQ responses to demonstrate expertise in Fire Station design and construction with a subject matter expert and strong collaborator,

I can help.

I've been designing, building, critiquing, writing, and speaking about firehouses since 1997.

I have worked or partnered with 16 different architecture firms and countless contractors.

I am bi-lingual. I speak both Firehouse & Construction; including its three dialects: architect, contractor and sub-contractor

For example; I know that Change Order is Contractor for "boat payment".

From Concept to Completion

I can

* lead client focus groups
* manage design meetings
* review all plan sets from Charette to As Builts
* review specifications
* review submittals
* attend construction meetings
* inspect job sites
* create & manage punch lists

All of this to achieve the most maintainable, durable and functional Firehouse possible.