Every decision a Fire Chief makes is temporary.

The next Mayor, City Manager or Chief can change them.

Whether it is about policy, procedure, personnel, tactics, strategy, or the budget, none of the Chief’s decisions are permanent; except one.

Decisions made about the design and functionality of a firehouse are permanent. You only get one chance on this one.

You need to get it right.


2010 - Replacement

12,456 square feet, 3 bays, two company

Went from two company + BC

Only firehouse rebuilt on same site

Required two temporary facilities;

   one for the Engine & one for the BC

Moved Truck Co to #34 during construction

10 bedrooms, all finished

2 restrooms located downstairs

Full weight concrete on second floor

Remote 40 foot communications mast

First new building with correctly sized Day Room

Designed to handle a Tiller and satellite rig in same bay

4th Generation #2 with Original #2 Brass pole installed

Mezzanine built above App Bay to house diesel exhaust equipment

Old #2
New #2